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Book Reviews

The Wrong Reality

Scumbag Sewer Rats

Memory Swings

The Color of Truth

Psychology, Symbolism & the Sacred

Oakee Doakee 1 & 2

No Smoke!

Hash House Harriers

Celestial Journey
of the Soul

Vertical Descent

Ch’ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul

Lord of the Dance

Looking Through The Mirror

An American Christmas Carol

In The Shadow of Amiantus

The Quran’s Challenge To Islam

Winderbilt Over Floodsville

Gifts From The Dead

Looking Down Through Water

Ramblings of a Rolling Stone

Discussions on Consciousness
and the Self

Poems For Children To Enjoy - and Teachers too!

The Future of Peaceful Co-existence in Nigeria

Delivered Unto Lions

Secular Jinnah and Pakistan

Encyclopedia of Taekwon-do Patterns

Oki Doki und die Hasswelle (German)

Mr Winderbilt & the Modern Conveyance

The Keys of Wisdom (trilogy)

Get Some In!

Secondary School Assemblies

Beyond The Light Zone

The Way To Success

Music of the Pipers
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Welcome. Author's Guide. Publishing Options. Traditional Contracts. Recovery Books Program. Bookstore / Trade. Testimonials & Links. About Us / Contact.

Author’s Comments

I have not the slightest hesitation in encouraging any would-be author to place their work in the capable hands of CheckPoint Press. The service provided is honest, helpful and thoroughly professional. In a field where there are many ‘fly-by-night’ operators, CheckPoint Press stands out as a fair and decent company.

Michael Hafferty, UK (Get Some In!)

Yesterday I received your version of the book. I have to say. I’m very enthusiastic!! The colors are great, the quality is very good. Its’ a very nice production!  

Paul van Beersum, Netherlands (Taekwon-do: The Way To Success)

Cover looks great Stephen.. Thanks for all your hard work getting this produced, I really like this layout - it's better than the original by far.

Dr Sandra Lean , Scotland (No Smoke)

This looks great - thank you! ..Thank you again for all of your help. I look forward to hearing from you, and once again, my sincere thanks for everything you're doing.

Dr John Smethers , USA (Scumbag Sewer Rats)

I found CheckPoint Press to be very friendly and efficient. Attention is paid to detail and your books will be delivered within the allotted time span, I wholeheartedly recommend them.
Cleo Watson, Ireland (Memory Swings)

It all looks great so please go ahead. Thanks for all your hard work and your vote of confidence in the manuscript, I am glad you enjoyed it.  ..I think you've done a great job both in formatting the text and keeping the page count to a minimum. Thanks for the time you've put into it.

Steve Turley, UK (Vertical Descent)

The book is striking and powerful... thanks for a really good job of setting out. I love this cover. Thank you so much.

John Bapty Oates, UK (Humantruth / The Wrong Reality)

Have got the file and read through it. Fantastic, I love the fonts and the way it is laid out, please go ahead with the next stage. (It is hugely better than the previous edition)

Mark Williams , UK (Hash House Harriers)

The cover design is stunning! I gasped when I saw it. It is absolutely beautiful!  ..it's turned much better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much. Once again, many thanks! I love it! Best wishes from..

Ishtar, UK (Lord of the Dance)

Hi Stephen, I received my copy of the book from the printer's and I'm very impressed. It looks great. Thanks for all the good work you've done... I think that (price) is very fair. Thank you. You've done a lot of work for little reward! ...Thanks for everything Stephen. I'm delighted with the service.

Rev Bill Darlison, Ireland (Celestial Journey of the Soul)

Wow, that's brilliant, thanks! All the formatting, first chapter big letter thing and all else looks fabulous-so big thanks to you!!!!!

Veronica Caddick, UK (Looking Through The Mirror)

Stephen, excellent timing. Book arrived about an hour ago. It looks great. Thanks for your efforts and hard work in this. I really appreciate your help. Working with you this way has been a joy.

David Wood, Scotland (In The Shadow of Amiantus)

Hi Stephen,
We have just received a copy of RRS. I took it to Eddie .....and it cheered him up immensely!

Terry, UK (for J.E. Davies, Ramblings of a Rolling Stone)

Dear Stephen,
I have received a copy of the new book and am delighted with it. Thank you so much for all the work you have put into it.

Eleanor McLeod, Wales (More Poems For Children To Enjoy)
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