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Self-Help Fiction
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Humorous Autobiography
Encyclopedia of Taekwon-Do Patterns
Vols 1, 2 & 3
Children’s Poetry / Prose
Political History
Social Commentary
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Children’s Poetry / Prose
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Social Commentary
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Social Commentary
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Featured Book..
‘TOWARDS A UNITED IRELAND: An Uncompleted Journey’
A timely and insightful work By Dr Billy Leonard, that outlines his
personal vision for a united Ireland. Speaking as one who has
intimate knowledge and involvement with the social and political
institutions on ‘both sides’ of the traditional divide, this polemic
has a unique value, as we enter the decade of commemorations
and debate the past and the possible future, for Ireland.
Available in paperback POD and ebook versions
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CheckPoint Press Leading Bestsellers!
Taekwon-do: The Way To Success is our new, full-colour English
translation of the bestselling Dutch-language version.

Containing over 1000 colour photos covering the history, theory and practice
of martial arts, this book is a must-have for any serious TKD student.

See the youtube video here..              Meet the authors here..
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British Royal History
Inspirational Verse & Poetry
(softcover & hardcover)
History & Practice of
Martial Arts (in colour)
Comic Songs & Music
(softcover & hardcover)